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交換日記レンタル - nikkijam

2009/11/28(土) Amian
タイトル hi everyone! 今日の気分=)

...or, whoever still comes by! hah I was just thinking about this place the other day and wondered if I still remembered the password and yay! got it on the second try~

Kaitou's image makes me happy and nostalgic and all you guys keeping 551094 alive, I'm proud of you! I have to say that everyone here has been so wonderful, talented, and inspiring over the years. Never stop the art! (speaking of which, I should try my hand at it again >_>)

but yes, hope everyone is well and I miss you all!

2009/05/09(土) PUYO
タイトル woah

haha, I totally forgot this page XD;;; just randomly went to my website then clicked this link. so suprise to find out kaitou drew 551094 a gift omg omg omg XDDDD so excited right now. thank you kaitou. sorry i am so late to find this out (T_T)

oh well, i think it is time to close down this exchange diary? mhmm wonder who still remember the log in password XD;;;;

2008/11/10(月) Kaitou
タイトル Congratulations 551094!!

Congratulations 551094 for 6 happy years!!

I am months late to say this message... but I just wanted to let you know that the years at 551094 have been so memorable and inspiring. ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)

Thanks for the good times~ Deuil always reminds me of the people from this board... I think only of you whenever I draw them ♪

2008/05/29(木) Amian
タイトル Yo.

still alive, guys! XD (though I guess I'm more active on LJ...)

Glad to see diary is still up and going! & > 6 years for you guys and 551094! so awesome (to think I was 13-14 when you guys started!)

anyway, I'm doing ok. uni stuff is slaying me as always (can't even really enjoy summer *stupid MCAT*) and really, it doesn't even feel like summer...weather is SO messed up and chilly at night even thought it's practically JUNE now.

anyway, hope everyone else is doing well =)

2008/02/03(日) PUYO
タイトル XD

551094! 6 years anniverisary! Thank you XD

Opps, I should type this yesterday...

2007/12/26(水) PUYO
タイトル Hohoho~

Merry Christmas!!

2007/12/06(木) PUYO
タイトル We still alive 今日の気分:D

Amazing I still remember the password to type in here XD;;

Can't believe this page is still up for no update in ages lol Seems like nikkijam is having more and more ads now. Not looking good :( but anyways, free hostings always have lots of ads. No complains~

By the way, today is school's sport day. I can leave early yay~ Tomorrow will be a school holiday, then Monday I have half day off! /heh The best weekend yay~!

I want to oekaki /yells

2007/12/03(月) Amian
タイトル found it!

everything in japanese now!?

anyway, HELLO ALL. *misses the days where she could waste time online and not beat herself up about it after* XP

2007/07/24(火) PUYO
タイトル lol

Here is like... our secret diary?! XD No one remembers this diary for sure. See the counter down there and in 551094. So dead but I don't really care. As long as we keep it open is ok XD

I wonder...if you already moved to the UK, mai? :< Give me your new address when you have it XD

Lets go to ocean park next time when you come to hk /ok We have new panda(s?) XD Disneyland is not that bad. Just... so small compared to all other disneyland. Nothing much to play inside /shy

kiriban XD Sure I will draw you something. Any request?

2007/07/07(土) MAI
タイトル haha

amazing that some of you typed.... sometimes. like months ago but still XD /very bad to forget

ya, HK was pretty nice. meeting you was definitely a plus. actually... I want to go there because you are there XD /mushymushy. so I didn't really care about the weather much.

and on very random note. I got 84848 kiriban XD puyo draw for meeeeeeeeee /bai

oh hey, I wrote on 2007/07/07. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee